Hepatitis B – What You Should Know

Hepatitis B

What You Should Know

Without a doubt, you already heard about the hepatitis disease. This is one of the liver diseases and there are 3 types of hepatitis and they are A, B, and C. In this article, we will talk about Hepatitis B and what you can do so you won’t be inflicted with this disease.

This is also called HBV or hepatitis B virus. Compared to hepatitis A, you can see that this is scarier as this can lead to liver scarring and liver cancer at that. Once you mentioned cancer, it means that this can end your life in the most painful way.

You can have this virus if you come in contact with a person who already has this. The good thing about this virus though, is if you can survive once of this, you will never have to deal with such infection again. However, if you are born with the disease, rarely that you will get it out of your system. You have to make sure you keep healthy habits so that it won’t escalate.
There are still so many diseases that can threaten the functions of your liver. you should dig more about them and learn how you can prevent them and get 马来西亚最好的高胆固醇中药.

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