Safe Practices For Sexually Active People

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We are a generation with different preferences and we are loud about it, but there is still a lot of pressure to involve ourselves in sexual culture or abstain from it completely. And there is not much emphasis placed on practising it safely so that people choose for themselves when they are ready to engage. Sex is not attractive to everyone. Some are not interested, and it is perfectly alright to not want to engage in it. When you feel you are ready for it, if you ever do, you will be equipped with the right information and tools to help you along. So, how do we accommodate our sexuality into safe sex practice while still allowing ourselves to experiment and figure out what we enjoy and what we don’t enjoy? 

1.     Contraceptives

Contraceptives come in different forms: condoms, female condoms, contraceptive pills, to name a few. Contraceptives act as a way of preventing the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases/ infections (STD/ STI) or pregnancy through the exchange of fluid. It is important to look them up and decide what kind you are comfortable using when engaging in sex. They are often readily available at pharmacies or even in supermarkets. If you are not sure what to go for, consult your doctor or somebody you trust, who can explain to you the kind of contraceptives they prefer. Contraceptives are different, and while some offer a 100% effectiveness, the cheaper options do not, so be sure that when you engage you are well aware of the steps to ensure that you are as safe as possible.

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2.     Sex toys

If you prefer to use sex toys, you can buy these easily from a sex toy store Malaysia. Research is required to know the materials that you prefer. Some come in silicone while others come in rubber. Find what works for you and ensure that you keep your instruments clean. Wash them and dry them thoroughly after use to avoid bacteria or fungal infections to both you and your partner. Metal-component sex toys should also be kept out of the sun and stored in a place where they won’t rust. Coat them in a safe fluid that can prevent them from rusting and help them last longer. If you use whips, ensure that they are in good condition so that they do not accidentally hurt your partner.

3.     Check-ups

Routine check-ups are another important thing for sexually active individuals. Consistently check in with your doctor, even if you feel fine to ensure that you are in good health. This is also important for your partners. It is a practice that ensures that you are both okay and have no lingering infections that can become problematic in the future. Medics advise urination after sex to clean out any foreign microbes that may become an issue. Secondly, make sure you clean your body thoroughly after sex and overall maintain good hygiene.

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