We Are Gamblers by Birth

Have you ever thought that we are actually born as gamblers? Casino goers? Online live casino malaysia? No, not that type of gambling. Instead, we make life our betting grounds. It is a game that we play every day, each day for the rest of our lives. Some might not see it as a gamble but notice this, every decision we make has an outcome. Almost like playing a game of blackjack, bet on a specific number or spot. 

All we do in life has consequences, what we bet on is really how our lives goes on. Many do not notice that. All of us gamble in making that cut. Making a decision is a gamble in itself. It is something that no one can really avoid. What would you think when you stepped out of the house? 

This will be an example of it. You might want to catch the next train. So you gamble or have to decide on two different routes in getting to the station. The outcome might be, you take a shorter route but apparently it has the worst traffic. Whilst you might not have to face the traffic by taking the long route which can get to your destination earlier or on time. It definitely is not rocket science that you have to really think deeply about it. You could already know that you gamble while choosing a blouse or a shirt!

Would want to suffer because of a loss

In a game of poker, no one would like to lose. NOBODY. Imagine losing an amount of money that you might not be able to repay or getback. That would be the one thing that people would not want in life. Therefore it is easily seen as a gamble in life. 

To avoid making the worst decision of their lives, they would opt to decide on the better outcome or whichever outcome that would result in a safer outcome. We are all playing on the safe side in the gambling game called life. Winning too big might result in an attitude change, losing too much might result in more problems than we hoped for. 

In the working scenes you might be gambling on time. The time you took to reach where you are now. Not only that you might gamble your skills and put it at use for the company. By gambling your skills, you are actually gambling your position as well as a person that most workers would like to turn out like you. 

Self Gamble

What is self gamble? Well instead of betting the odds on other things in your life, this would be the time where you should gamble on yourself. Treat yourself to anything you want. Gamble if it is possible to turn out as you wanted. 

Sometimes we believe that whatever you buy for yourself with your own money, is the very essence of gambling. Therefore it is no longer a weird thing to say that we are all gamblers in life ever since we were born. 

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